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Vandegrift Voice

The online student newspaper of Vandegrift High School

Vandegrift Voice

The online student newspaper of Vandegrift High School

Vandegrift Voice

Individual Staff Awards


ILPC Individual Achievement Awards:

Entertainment Photo – Yness Martinez, 1st Place Tops in Texas
Headlines – Seiya Mutreja, 1st Place
Personal Opinion Column – Abigail Lincks, 1st Place “AAC Needs Help”
General News Photo – Valeria Amaya, 1st Place
News Feature – Abigail Lincks, 2nd Place “Islamic Misconceptions”
Personal Column – Aisha Rashid, 2nd Place “A Trip to the Holy Cities”
Photo Portfolio – Valeria Amaya, 2nd Place
Computer Art – Bailey Niles, Honorable Mention


Leadership Award: Abigail Lincks, Yness Martinez, Seiya Mutreja, Isabel Young

Fall Clips & Clicks: Infographic – Fifth Place: Seiya Mutreja “Let’s Taco-bout it”; Feature Story – Honorable Mention: Abigail Lincks “Students break down Islamic misconceptions”, Rylie Lockerman “A new kind of freshie”, Lourdes Hernandez Peraza “Wicked Wardrobe”;

Texas Association of Journalism Educators (TAJE)
Best in Texas:

Aisha Rashid – Excellent Story Portfolio (Sophomore initiates mock trial, Breaking Barriers, Rockin’ on Stage, Vandy Voyages, A Trip to the Holy Cities); Honorable Mention Feature Stories – Breaking Barriers, Rockin’ at ACL, Vandy Voyages; Honorable Mention Personal Column – A Trip to the Holy Cities

Julia Bychowski – Honorable Mention Story Portfolio (Students attend UT annual CTMUN conference, Student starts first Muslim club, Hit or Miss, Course Cuts, A cheat for the future)

Yness Martinez – Honorable Mention Story Portfolio (What do students need to know about the midterms?, Who’s Toxic?, Rigs to Roots, Parking Madness, STEM-ing Abroad); Excellent News Photo – Harry’s House

Bailey Niles – Excellent Design Portfolio (Student starts first Muslim club, IB Attracts International Students, Monkeypox Fears Grow, Rockin’ on Stage, Islamic Misconceptions); Honorable Mention Original Artwork – Monkeypox Fears Grow, Thanksgiving Story; Honorable Mention Infographic Presentation – Monkeypox Fears Grow

Isabel Young – Excellent News Story – Sophomore organizes Roe v. Wade walkout

Rylie Lockerman – Honorable Mention News Story – Chamber, tenor bass choir selected for national conventions

Abigail Lincks – Honorable Mentions News Story – New mandate implemented on campus amidst Uvalde tragedy, past bomb threat; Honorable Mention Personal Opinion Column – AAC Needs Help

Sarah McKelvy – Honorable Mention News-Feature Story – Prop Parents

Valeria Amaya – Excellent News Photo – Chess Tournament

Kaya Kinsey – Honorable Mention Sports Action Photo – DII State Championship



ILPC Individual Achievement Awards:

Feature Photo: 1st Place – Sophie Robinson (Tops in Texas);
General News Photo: 1st Place – Yness Martinez;
Infograph/Sidebar: 1st Place – Seiya Mutreja;
Photo Slideshow: 2nd Place, Yness Martinez;
Headlines: 2nd Place – Dayna Ung
Entertainment Feature: 2nd Place – Dayna Ung;
Computer Art: 3rd Place, Bailey Niles;
News Writing: Honorable Mention – Isabel Young;
Sports News Story: Honorable Mention – Taylor Chronert;
Personal Opinion Column: Honorable Mention – Isabel Young, Yness Martinez;
Computer Art: Honorable Mention – Bailey Niles;
Student Artwork: Honorable Mention – Seiya Mutreja;
Sports Action Photo: Honorable Mention – Sofia Valladares;
Portrait: Honorable Mention – Yness Martinez

Barbara Jordan Media Award

Taylor Chronert “Forward March

NSPA – 10th overall publication in the country

Honor Roll: Kate Denning, Daniel Farrow, Claire Janson, Abby Lincks, Yness Martinez, Nicholas Scoggins, Dayna Ung, Natalie Weber, and Isabel Young

Fall Clips & Clicks: Feature Story – Honorable Mention: Taylor Chronert “Forward March”, Kate Denning “Spiritual Energy”, Julia Bychowski “Click, Not Kick”
Sports Story – Second Place: Taylor Chronert “The New Voice of the Vipers”, Fifth Place: Yness Martinez “Student Commits to Notre Dame”

Spring Clips & Clicks: Sports Story – Fifth Place: Karissa Gonzales “Zachary Hampton wrestles in states”, Taylor Chronert “Varsity baseball makes playoffs after 4 years”

Texas Association of Journalism Educators (TAJE)
Best in Texas:

Kate Denning – Excellent Feature Story – Spiritual Energy

Isabel Young – Honorable Mention Story Portfolio (LISD to Remove Books from Curriculum, My Body, My Choice, Man’s Best Friend, School Violence Threats on the Rise, Student Wary of Returning to School); Excellent Feature Story – Man’s Best Friend; Excellent Nameplate, Folio & Standing Heads – Nameplate etc

Abby Lincks – Excellent Story Portfolio (Pop Unplugged, Three Dimensional Robotics, Putting Pen to Paper, Demand for Manga Grows in Library, Struggling to Make Time for Reading?); Honorable Mention Feature Story – Three Dimensional Robotics; Honorable Mention Entertainment Review – Patti Smith; Honorable Mention Entertainment Review – The Maidens

Taylor Chronert – Honorable Mention Feature Story –  Forward March

Dayna Ung – Honorable Mention Feature Story – On Patrol

Nicholas Scoggins – Honorable Mention Personal Opinion Column –Stop Politicizing History

Julia Bychowski – Excellent Feature Story – Click, not kick

Elise Rodriguez – Honorable Mention Sports Action Photo – Winning State

Charlotte Jordan – Honorable Mention News Photo – COVID Update

Cristina Orozco – Honorable Mention Feature Photo –  Manga

Yness Martinez – Honorable Mention Portrait – Women’s March

Bailey Niles – Superior Design Portfolio ( New Texas Abortion Law Puts Teens at Risk, Britney’s Back, Get the Jab, Teachers Take Action, Faculty Report Mice Sightings); Superior Original Artwork – The JabPhones UsageMice Sightings; Excellent Original Artwork – Senior Pranks; Honorable Mention Original Artwork – BritneyColleges

Seiya Mutreja – Excellent Original Artwork – Texas Heartbeat



ILPC Individual Achievement Awards:

News Writing: 3rd Place – Brianne Chase; Honorable Mention – Katie McClellan

News Feature: Honorable Mention – Dayna Ung

Sports News Story: Honorable Mention – Kate Denning

Sports Feature Story: 3rd Place – Eilla Reid

Feature Writing: Honorable Mention – Kate Denning

Entertainment Feature: Honorable Mention – Kate Denning, Dayna Ung

Infographic/Sidebar: 3rd Place – Ashley Beccera

Headlines: Dayna Ung, Katie McClellan, Kate Denning