Get the jab


Bailey Niles

Whether or not to get vaccinated has become one of the most contentious issues in politics.

Nicholas Scoggins, Staff Reporter

There has recently been significant debate over whether or not to get vaccinated against the various strains of the COVID-19 virus. I firmly believe that getting vaccinated is one of the best methods to bring this pandemic to a close.  It allows us to move forward without lockdowns and masks, and keeps us and our loved ones safe.


I can personally attest to the protective benefits the vaccine provides: I received the Pfizer dose in the spring. After I got vaccinated, my mother and her boyfriend returned from a college visit, and they both started to come down with cold-like symptoms. Eventually we all got tested and they both had COVID-19. Even though I was spared, I still quarantined just to be safe. I had been in close contact with them for several days prior, and the combination of my young immune system and the vaccine kept me from getting infected. While my family had also been vaccinated and still got the virus, the vaccine ensured that they only suffered very mild symptoms (runny nose, headaches, etc.) and they were well enough to be able to telework. They likely only got sick because of their older immune systems. Thus, I can state based upon personal experience that the vaccine will either keep you from getting sick in the first place or it will ensure that even if you do get sick, your symptoms will be very minor.


Another reason to get the vaccine is so the economy can get back on it’s feet. The use of counter-productive lockdowns have completely wrecked the global economy. A diverse array of items from toilet paper to electronics to bullets have either disappeared from store shelves or have skyrocketed in price. These consequences are directly related to the total shutdown of economic activity and international borders in 2020 and early 2021. Even the mention of lockdowns or new variants is enough to send stocks downward, as seen with the introduction of the Omnicron strain of COVID-19. If another lockdown is put into place, like what is seen being done across the European Union, the economy will tank even further. Thus, it is imperative that all get vaccinated, not just for personal reasons, but workers can return to the factories, that businessmen can return to the office and that the transportation industry can get things moving again.


Now I know that detractors will say that the vaccine won’t work and that it is a government conspiracy to control the populace. I ask them to take this into consideration, if we do not get vaccinated, the government will force us to stay in our homes and impose mask mandates once again. As seen in Europe, due to low vaccination rates, many countries are re-imposing harsh restrictions on their citizens, leading to protests and riots breaking out amongst a COVID-weary populace.


It is because I know it works, that it can be used to reopen the economy and to prevent further lockdowns that I recommend all people who are eligible, receive the jab. If individuals do not not, politicians will find more justification in imposing their lockdowns.