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Alexander Beaucamp, who took first place at the Entomology Area competition, with the bees he takes care of at his home.
Entomology team of two takes fourth place at Area despite being short a team member
Brianne Chase, Staff reporter • May 3, 2021

At the Entomology Career Development Event Area competition on April 7, FFA members Alexander Beaucamp and Lillian Nutt took fourth place despite being an incomplete team...

Trumpet players from the wind ensemble perform at the concert portion of the competition
Masked musicians
April 27, 2021
This March PALS chose their student officers for next year, including juniors Kiyan Alrobaire and Maya Gabbi.
Round two
April 13, 2021
One of the campaigns that is entered in the fundraiser
Student Council holds second annual Pets 4 Pawesome Fundraiser
Taylor Chronert, Staff Reporter • May 14, 2021

America has the presidental campaign, but Vandegrift has the pet presidental campaign. Students went onto the Student Council’s Instagram page, and filled out a form, voting...

Featured seniors submit their name, photo, major and future college.
COVID-style college wall
April 29, 2021

Another repost on someone’s story, another sweet comment and new submissions flood in through her Instagram notifications. But she doesn’t...

Haleigh Heath celebrates her accomplishments and how she was able to get to her dream of being a nurse in the NICU
Vandegrift Alumni gets job as a NICU nurse
April 19, 2021

As a child, Vandegrift alumna, Haleigh Heath always knew that she wanted to do something in the medical field. She’s always believed that nursing...

Junior Zane Farone prepares for his next wrestling match.
Viper Wrestling
Callen Nutt, Staff reporter • April 21, 2021

Junior Zane Farone was on varsity two team for Viper wrestling. He had a record of 12 wins and 7 losses this season along with 10 pins, where you put the other person on their...

On Track for Area
On Track for Area
April 12, 2021
'Shadow & Bone' Netflix Review
Yness Martinez, Staff Reporter • May 7, 2021

Welcome back, the time has come. Like a baby being born the “Shadow and Bone” Netflix adaptation was welcomed into the world with open arms....

During my COVID experience, the things that were very helpful to me were Chex Mix, saltine crackers, honey, and Gatorade.
My COVID experience
May 7, 2021

I wish it was some humorous prank that our family caught COVID on April Fools, but rest assured, it was no joke. I’m sure having COVID-19 may...

Last night, President Biden gave an address to Congress.  Photo by White House
My Opinion on Biden's Address to Congress
April 29, 2021

Last night, President Biden delivered an address to a session of Congress outlining his plans for the year. Here are some of my thoughts on his...

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