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Film Club holds meetings twice a month in preparation for creating their own short film.
Sophomore founds Film Club
September 22, 2022

After noticing a gap in the long list of clubs at Vandegrift, sophomore Ava Vanna created the new VHS...

During a power outage, students sit outside due to fluctuating temperatures in classrooms.
Zapped out: students, staff frustrated over loss of power
September 19, 2022

During the past few weeks, a chain of power outages have led many students and staff to experience turmoil...

Ample signage is posted on exterior doors around campus, urging students and staff to avoid propping doors open and letting students in through side doors. Students and parents are only permitted to enter through the front entrance of building one.
New mandates implemented on campus amidst Uvalde tragedy, past bomb threat
September 8, 2022

Amidst the tragedy of Uvalde, the state of Texas has issued new mandates and audits in place across campus....

Water polo poses for team photo at competition in Round Rock.
Off the deep end: New water polo team competes in their first competition
September 23, 2022

The smell of chlorine and the sounds of sharp whistles filled the air of the natatorium. Students packed the crystal clear water, trying to move...

The viper mascot could be customized for special occasions by students to represent the schools culture and values.
Editorial: Mascot for morale
September 16, 2022

Hundreds of dollars spent on school spirit wear, tapestries and designs, yet the traditional, integral source of school spirit has been neglected-mascots....

The new virus, Monkeypox, has  unusual symptoms to be aware of that are much different from COVID.
The new ‘cheese-touch’: talk of monkeypox epidemic grows
September 3, 2022

Senior Anaya Ubha taps her fingers against the hardwood, listening to music while writing her college essay. Her phone pings. Ubha's heart drops as she...

Review: Bullet Train
Review: Bullet Train
Seiya Mutreja, Staff Reporter • September 19, 2022
Attendance office buzzes students in through the door now due to new district safety policies.
Editorial: The real threat on campus
Katherine Dale, Staff Reporter • September 2, 2022
Band Review: Sitting On Stacy
Band Review: Sitting On Stacy
Natalie Weber , Staff Reporter • May 20, 2022
IB students from all over have the ability to relocate freely and continue their education.
IB attracts new international students
Isabel Young, Editor • September 21, 2022

One of the most attractive aspects of the International Baccalaureate program for VHS students is the...

New assistant Principal, Collin Fletcher shows his school spirit by participating in country western theme day.
New AP offers 17 years of teaching and administrative experience
September 16, 2022

As he made his way through the hallway, the blissful noise of children's laughter traveled through the building. Turning the corner, he meets...

Seniors Arabella Villarroel, Maya Vigil and Ava James take in the view at Edinburgh Castle.
Vandy voyages: Students, staff travel to Europe over summer
September 6, 2022

The sun shone against the cool Edinburgh breeze as senior Arabella Villarroel blew out the candles on her 17th birthday cake. With the company...

The former debate classroom is transformed into an English classroom for teacher Meghan Mclendon. Debate 1-4 was cut last year due to lack of student interest and teacher availability.
Course cuts for classes
Julia Bychowski, Staff Reporter • September 6, 2022

Five classes have been cut from the 2022-2023 school year course list, due to issues involving lack of student interest and staffing shortages....

English teacher Tyler Lewis, IB psychology and world history teacher Teagan Kafer, and English teacher Macy Mckown start their first year out of college teaching.
A new kind of freshie: High demand for educators brings an influx of young teachers
September 5, 2022

Just months ago they were sitting at desks, but now the tables have turned as they take over the classroom. From stepping in the principal's...

The newly elected 2022-2023 school year Student Council executive officers
StuCo inducts 2022-2023 officers
May 17, 2022

A few weeks ago, the new Student Council officers were elected and announced. Those elected to positions were voted on by their peers in Student...

Girls Golf team become 2022 State Runner-Ups (Golf Booster Club)
Second To None
Karissa Gonzales, Staff Reporter • May 20, 2022

After the Boys Golf team played at Legacy Hills Golf Course for states, it was now the Girls Golf Team...

Mixed doubles tennis finish in state quarterfinals
Mixed doubles tennis finish in state quarterfinals
April 27, 2022

Early last week, tennis mixed doubles team senior Nicholas Montoya and sophomore Claire Logeman qualified for the state UIL tournament after...

Isabel is Editor in Chief, a senior and this is her fourth year on the newspaper staff. She also participates in UIL Journalism and is the president of the Literary Journal club. In her spare time, she
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Shivaali Vibarajan
Shivaali Vibarajan
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Shivaali Vibarajan is a senior and this is her first year on the Voice. She also works as an ICU intern at the Seton Ascension Medical Center and it is her tenth year on the ADI dance team. In her free