The History of Senior Pranks

Callen Nutt, Staff Reporter

Senior Pranks have been an ongoing tradition through the decades. During their final year, senior students Conspire for an elaborate prank in order to leave their mark for future classes. There have been pranks that students, years later, have yet to forget and there are pranks that have a cloud of disappointment tailing them. What are the greatest pranks Vandegrift has seen and has this graduating class started planning yet?

“The FFA chained a goat to the roof of the school one year. I think it was a year or 2 before my freshman year, but like everyone I know has heard about it,” senior Cade Cunningham said. “definitely the best prank I know of at Vandegrift it kinda sucks that we won’t be able to top that.

Through the years there have been many pranks, but a handful is forgotten without a second thought, buried with the generation who played it.

“The bouncy house in the courtyard, bro you literally had to pay 5 bucks to get in and you could only do that in passing periods,” Cunningham said. “The dumbest thing was they had to get it approved so it’s literally not even a senior prank anymore, it was just so pointless”

With there being an unwritten competition between classes for the best senior prank, there has to be a line drawn to show where a prank goes too far. Destroying school property is out of the question and you can’t steal anything.

“Too far would be destroying school stuff, like I thought it’d be funny to make a tower of desks in the stadium,” Cunningham said. “ That’s probably as far as you could go without it being like stealing or something.”

Ideas are always passed around for the next senior prank, but should we be prepared for the next senior prank?

“Not right now I think there’s gonna be a senior ditch day, but none of my friends are actually planning something, just ideas right now,” Cunningham said.