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Making my college decision was less stressful than expected

Carson Field, Sports Editor

October 27, 2016

As a senior in high school, I am often asked questions, such as where are you going to college? For a long time, I did not have an answer to this difficult question. However, with experiences, research and prayer, I found the answer....

Wednesday’s List: 5 ways to decompress after a stressful day

Linnea Kennedy, Staff Reporter

October 27, 2016

Take a nap. Sometimes when you just can’t handle life anymore and you need to leave it for an hour or two. Let your bed do your decompressing for you. Watch an episode of your favorite show. There’s nothing like sitting dow...

A whole new slant on LEO teachers

Sophia Alaniz, Web-Editor in Chief

October 26, 2016

I have been at LEO for 10 days now and the thing that would make me the happiest is never going back. I have never craved dysfunction junction, the bad smell that emits from some of the bathrooms or the dancing teachers in betw...

Week eight fantasy football tips

Carson Field, Sports Editor

October 25, 2016

Players to start this week: QB Jameis Winston (Tampa Bay Buccaneers) Buccaneers quarterback Jameis Winston had a good game last week against the 49ers, and I expect his production to continue into this week. On Sunday, the...

Tidbit Tuesday

Hadley Hudson, Staff Reporter

October 25, 2016

If you search “Zerg Rush” in google, it makes a little game where little Os eat your search results and you can try to stop them. This is in reference to the term “Zerg Rush” that was made from the game Starcraft, in wh...

Media Monday: Chuck

Madeline Smyser, Staff Reporter

October 24, 2016

Television show, Chuck, has been a fan favorite for years. Starring Zachary Levi as the main character, the show follows a normal Californian guy who works at the Buy More (essentially a Best Buy). Though Chuck is very intelli...

Vandegrift takes the PSAT

Hadley Hudson, Staff Reporter

October 22, 2016

Every year, every student in every school in America does the same thing. One hundred and eighty million dollars worth of scholarships are awarded to the students that do the best, so the stakes are high. Every year, the stud...

2016-2017 NBA Preview

2016-2017 NBA Preview

October 21, 2016

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