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Argyle Cactus makes a “spontaneous” debut

Laura Figi

June 5, 2015

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Much like their music, “Argyle Cactus” just kind of happened. In fact, the band came about exactly the same way as the name did: spontaneously-- a word the band uses frequently. Four childhood friends and a love for musi...

Eight ways to handle Summer Assignments

Laura Figi, Spotlight Editor

June 5, 2015

Filed under Lifestyles

1) Take a break This may initially seem counterproductive, but you need to give yourself time to recover from the stress of the year. Summer assignments can seem overwhelming and sometimes upsetting so take two or three weeks, ...

Letter to Incoming High Schooler:

Kelly Honts, Web Editor

June 5, 2015

Filed under Columns, Opinions

High school. It feels like forever and then suddenly it’s over. I don’t mean to be cliche but as you will soon find out high school really does go by in the blink of an eye. To all the incoming freshmen, I know the workload...

The “secrets”of Vandegrift

Madison Smith, Staff writer

June 3, 2015

Filed under News

Restaurant review: Jeffrey’s

Madison smith, Staff writer

June 3, 2015

Filed under Restaurants

Jeffrey’s is the sister restaurant to Josephine House of Clarksville, which was also recently reviewed by Kelly Rosenblatt. Jeffrey’s is definitely an upscale restaurant with high prices and fancy decor, but the food was equal...

College Checklist

Kelly Honts, Web Editor

June 3, 2015

Filed under Lifestyles

As senior year wraps up it’s time for many of us to start thinking about college and what the next year holds. For the first time in our lives we will be living on our own and it’s crucial that we’re prepared for the changes...

Tomorrowland Movie Review

Kate Murphy, Staff Writer

June 2, 2015

Filed under Entertainment, Music/Movies/Television

Tomorrowland was one of the May movies that everyone was excited to see. It has George Clooney and Tim McGraw in it so how could you not be excited? The movie’s plot begins when Casey Newton (Britt Robertson) touches a lape...

Spring Game 2015

Sarah Davis, Sports center

June 1, 2015

Filed under Sports

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