Juniors take home the glory in Powder Puff game



Seniors Prepare for the game

Emma-Rose Floyd, News Editor

The Class of 2015 took on the Class of 2016 last Tuesday during the annual powder puff flag football game at 7 p.m. The juniors won the game 12-6.

“The defense was stellar, and Reese Bryars was a flag pulling machine,” junior center player Ariana Engles said. “Once again, the class of 2016 managed to prove that we are, in fact, the best.”

Players like Lauren Hayley and Cassidy Cavanaugh used the ‘Key to Success’ playbook and worked together with their teammates and coaches to win defensively. The seniors practiced more and for longer than the juniors, but to no avail.

“The game was a lot of fun, I got to play with my friends and mess around while also being able to have fun competition,” junior Lauren Haley said.

The game was sponsored by Student Council, and was advertised by members and leaders in the organization. The game has been sponsored by the club every year.

“I loved hanging out and learning how to play,” senior Elina Solbrand said. “Each and every one of the seniors brought something to the table, whether it was knowledge or laughs.”