Choir Recruitment Ads


Kelly Honts, Web Editor

This year the VHS choir has taken a new approach to recruit middle schoolers to the program.

“We’ve started making cute little adds for the middle school directors to play in class,” choir president Emily Adams said. “I’ve been in this organization for four years and would love to see it grow. The commercials have been a fun and hopefully effective way of doing just this.”

The choir has made two adds so far with more on the way. The first commercial pokes fun at students comparing their schedules at the beginning of the school year and reminding the viewer that if you sign up for choir you are guaranteed a “fun” extracurricular with your friends.

“This commercial helps show kids that we can be serious and make music, but that we are also funny and love to joke around,” star of the commercial Nick Birk said.

The second ad includes many choir students all singing a parody to Taylor Swifts “Blank Space”. The lyrics have been modified to describe the VHS choir program to the middle schoolers.

“Mr. Feris came up with the lyrics and then we just sang it,” junior CC Agrella said “It was uper fun to make and hopefully to watch as well.”

Although numbers are still up in the air it looks like the choir program will be gaining more freshman than ever before this year.

“I really think the video ads were a good idea and we will definitely keep doing them in the future,” Director Michael Feris said.