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Evening Out The Playing Field

Editorial Board

April 26, 2011

   American society has a tendency to praise athletic achievements but set aside academic victories. Even within LISD, a school is often known for how far they got in basketball play-offs or how many football players have committed...

Valor Day Tradition Continues

Priyunka Maheshwari, News Editor

April 21, 2011

On Thursday, April 21, the Vandegrift community will observe the second annual Valor. . At 8:35 AM in the front of the school, the American Valor Flag that once flew over the nation’s capital and is flown for one day a year...

Student Suicide Not The Answer

Sofia Colorado, Lifestyles Editor

April 19, 2011

So your boyfriend broke up with you. Your best friend lied to you. You are failing your physics class. Nobody seems to understand you. The transition between childhood to adulthood can be traumatic. Hand in hand with adolescence...

Hanna Fights Her Way To Box Office Success

Priyunka Maheshwari, News Editor

April 19, 2011

    Released April 8, Hanna is garnering more and more positive feedback after successful ratings and reviews. Starring Saoirse Ronan as Hanna, a 16-year old girl with the power of an adult assassin, Hanna tells the story of a te...

Journalism Students Place In State UIL Meet

April 19, 2011

  Congratulations to juniors Danielle Docherty and Taylor Watson, who are the first students in Vandegrift history to not only advance, but to place in the State Academic UIL meet. Last Thursday at the University of Texas at...

TAKS Prep In Full Gear

Taylor Watson, Editor in Chief

April 15, 2011

With testing week quickly approaching, preparation for TAKS is in full gear. Reviews in class, practice homework and test-specific PIT classes are all ways teachers are helping students make the grade. “The purpose of all...

Softball Adds Win To Record

Taylor Watson, Editor in Chief

April 6, 2011

“We won! We freaking won!” Katy Gallien said. After a 0-5 district start, the girls’ softball team has scored their first district win. On Tuesday night the girls played Rouse, and came out on top with a 5-4 defeat. “I...

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