Valor Day Tradition Continues

Priyunka Maheshwari, News Editor

On Thursday, April 21, the Vandegrift community will observe the second annual Valor. . At 8:35 AM in the front of the school, the American Valor Flag that once flew over the nation’s capital and is flown for one day a year only will be raised. During PIT, students will move to an assembly in the main gym to honor Lt. Matthew Ryan Vandegrift with a speech by Matthew’s mother, father and brother.

Matthew Vandegrift, a Leander High School graduate, was killed in Iraq on April 21, 2008. Matthew graduated from Texas A&M University before entering the United States Marine Corps on August, 2005. A display case honoring him in the front of the school includes a picture taken the day he was killed.

Students are encouraged to walk to the gym in silence to honor Matthew’s memory. The assembly will not be a “pep rally”, and is designed to celebrate the life of Matthew Vandegrift and his service to our country. Valor Day is expected to become a tradition carried on for years in order to show future students why our school is named Vandegrift.

“Valor Day is important because it reminds students of who our school is named after and what our students value,” Mr. Little, principal, said.