TAKS Prep In Full Gear

Taylor Watson, Editor in Chief

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With testing week quickly approaching, preparation for TAKS is in full gear. Reviews in class, practice homework and test-specific PIT classes are all ways teachers are helping students make the grade.

“The purpose of all the preparation is to ensure that students will do as best they can on the TAKS tests this year.” Ms. Spradling said.  

This week marks the last session of TAKS PIT classes for those enrolled. Students who have shown evidence of struggling with practice TAKS or district assessments have been placed in the remedial TAKS class that corresponds to the subject where help could give them a better advantage.

“It’s beneficial for the students who need it,” Lauren Kamp, junior said. “For other students, they probably get bored, but it works as a good study hall.”

The hard work does not end in PIT. Additionally, as an incentive to achieve the highest score possible, some Pre-AP and AP classes are offering exemptions to those who get commended, depending on the teacher. While almost all on -level classes are offering exemptions to those who pass the test that corresponds to their class. 

Last year, our school was the only high school in the district to receive an exemplary rating, a major feat for a first year high school. The push for success stems from the desire to maintain the second to none status.

“Vandegrift is the best,” Ms. Spradling said. “We want to keep that up.”

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