Evening Out The Playing Field

Editorial Board

   American society has a tendency to praise athletic achievements but set aside academic victories. Even within LISD, a school is often known for how far they got in basketball play-offs or how many football players have committed to playing ball in college. As a new school, the opportunity for change is in our hands.

   Our school should view the power to set standards and the chance to create a lasting legacy as an opportunity to even out the playing field.

   As the only exemplary school in the district, our standards for academic success are already set high. To live up to that honor, academics must be a priority. And to make it a priority for the students as well as the staff, praise and deserved acknowledgment must be given to academic victories.

  Athletes are hard working, dedicated people who impact society in major ways but the hard work and dedication of scholars should not be ignored. Our school has the capability to be known for not only the varsity girl’s soccer team making it to playoffs or the swim team making it to state, but for our eight academic UIL Regional qualifiers, two academic UIL State qualifiers, robotics team that took third at the TCEA competition, state qualifying science fair students and more. To overlook these achievements is to downplay the success of our exemplary campus and the hard working students within it.

  The power is in our school and our generation to recognize and praise the academic achievements and honors that our fellow classmates have received. Changing the standards is in the students’ hands . . .  start the legacy.