Hanna Fights Her Way To Box Office Success

Priyunka Maheshwari, News Editor

    Released April 8, Hanna is garnering more and more positive feedback after successful ratings and reviews. Starring Saoirse Ronan as Hanna, a 16-year old girl with the power of an adult assassin, Hanna tells the story of a teenage girl trying to kill a CIA agent while finding more and more out about her parentage.

   Hanna has a good blend of action and sentiment. With fresh chase scenes and near-death experiences, Hanna also learns about herself and combines her desire for revenge with emotional issues. Despite having a female protagonist, the movie does not become overly sappy or too affectionate—maintaining the murderous plots and surprises. While some parts of the story are predictable, spur-of-the-moment actions scenes are well-produced and don’t allow you to think too far into the future. The sound effects were well used, and the soundtrack was unusual yet strong, portraying exactly the right emotions.

   Ronan is the perfect actress for the role, being able to switch between a deadly enemy and just an average girl. Following her from unusual camera angles, the film takes a different spin on scenes in the wilderness. Part of the movie was filmed on location in Finland, giving it an authentic air and time to dwell on the eerie surroundings. Even with this, the movie still managed to create a couple of good jokes and funny scenes. The ending was okay, not completely reflecting the anticipation built up throughout the movie, but you leave the theater feeling somewhat satisfied.

   Although it does have some moments that seem too cliché, and some of the characters do seem empty, the action sequences were enjoyable and climatic. While some may say the film was too violent, the violence didn’t seem out of place considering the premise of the movie. While Hanna may not be perfect for the lazy Saturday night movie, it is something well worth watching if you get a chance.