Post student section Q&A

Natalie Weber, Staff Reporter

Q&A featuring Alli Waddle, junior from Vandegrift High School

How did the student section compare to previous years? 

This year’s student section was better than previous years. I think there were more people this year because it was a rival game and because it was the first full capacity game since COVID-19.


How was the first game? 

The game was awesome. We beat our rival, Cedar Park, by 42-7,which is always super fun. And we also had a lot of opportunities to cheer.


What did the atmosphere feel like?

The atmosphere was full of energy. It was impossible not to have fun. There were a lot of creative signs and a lot of things flying through the air. Everyone I saw was smiling and laughing and it seemed for a few hours everyone was able to forget their other stress and just have a good time together. 


Are you excited for future games? Why or why not? 

I’m so excited for future games. I am very excited to dress up for theme days, and see how everyone else dresses up. And of course to watch our football team win again.


What are you most excited about for football games this year?

I’m most excited for theme days and getting to dress up with my friends.