Vandegrift students, faculty report sightings of mice


Bailey Niles

Students and teachers at Vandegrift have reported sightings of mice on campus.

Nicholas Scoggins, Staff Reporter

Vandegrift is under attack.  Hiding within the corners of the school lies a new, dangerous foe: mice. 

Teachers and students from across the school have reported multiple sightings of the small little rodents scurrying around the campus causing disturbances. Algebra teacher Michelle Hart’s 8th period class had just finished up taking a quiz and were moving on to take some notes before class ended when suddenly, a student called out to the teacher that there was something sitting in the back of the classroom. It turned out to be a small mouse that had made its way in and was just hanging out around the bookcase.

“Our little mouse friend was over there by my bookcase,” Hart said. “We saw it and it was just sitting there not moving much.”

Every student wanted to catch a glimpse of the mouse and take a picture of it. They even gave it a name, Jimmy. Hart hypothesized that the reason Jimmy had come inside the school was due to recent work on the grass outside.

Jimmy the mouse when he was spotted hanging out on campus

“They had just mowed this grass a few days before,” Hart said. “I think we probably just disturbed his home and he came in, decided to look for a place that might have been a little more safe.”

No humans or mice were hurt in the incident. Jimmy was captured by a combined force of students and faculty, who had to move heavy objects such as bookcases out of the way.  The students and faculty managed to trap Jimmy in a trashcan and he was brought outside to an area beyond the parking lot and was released back into nature without any harm.

“We were able to shuffle [Jimmy] into the trash can,” Hart said. “I was told it was released in the field across from the parking lot.”

The impact of the mice has not been just in the physical sense through classroom disruptions, but psychologically as well. Many students and faculty are now watching where they step in order to avoid stepping on one of the critters. Some students and faculty are also starting to secure their food in containers in order to avoid mice eating their stuff and spreading germs.

For me it was definitely a shock because I didn’t know finding mice needed to be something I had to be worried about,” English teacher Amy Worob said. “When a student gave me candy, I made sure to take it home so that the smell didn’t attract any unwanted friends.”

With faculty trying to find ways to stop both the mice invasion and the numerous other custodial issues, it seems that Vandegrift students will have new neighbors for a time at school.  While there have so far been no recorded attacks on students or teachers, many still hope that the mice issue will be completely resolved soon.

I am mindful of where I put my food,” Mrs. Hart said.  “But other than that it’s you know it hasn’t been much of a disturbance.”