Editorial: Stop politicizing history classrooms


Charlotte Jordan

Vandegrift students conduct their work in a history classroom.

Nicholas Scoggins, Staff Reporter

Recently, there has been a push by several individuals and organizations to distort the way in history is taught in  school classrooms in order to indoctrinate America’s children into following their ideologies. This is very alarming as it degrades the professionalism of our educational system and manipulates it for a person’s or group’s interest.

One of the most serious problems with the goals of these organizations is that they do not want classrooms to teach actual history, they want classrooms to teach falsified propaganda. It is simply not true that the 13 Colonies launched its war of independence in order to preserve the vile and disgusting practice of slavery, it only did so after the British Empire imposed a long list of unreasonable trade restrictions and a crackdown on civil liberties. America was not founded as a theocratic Christian state, it was and still is a secular republic, even though there are recent cases where that is being challenged. Yet various political organizations wish to teach American children these ideas that are simply not based on historical fact.

Another issue raised with politicizing history classrooms is that it is damaging to the education of the country’s youth because they are not being taught actual history. Knowledge of past mistakes and events gives the policy makers of tomorrow a solid benchmark that is absolutely critical in making decisions that affect millions in the future, yet replacing history with indoctrination will only provide these potential policymakers with myths that will cause them to fall apart the second they are exposed to the harsh realities of the real world. This has already been seen with how many diplomats, coming from politicized institutions and serving in both Republican and Democratic administrations, thought they could impose the American way of life on the Afghan people while completely ignoring Afghanistan’s own cultures and traditions, not learning the hard lessons of previous experiences with nation-building. This paved the way for the paper tiger that was the Afghan government to completely collapse as soon as American forces left the country. 

Now of course these organizations are gonna oppose keeping history classes apolitical because it does not suit their narrative.  They claim they are only doing this for the good of America’s children, in actuality they are only doing it for their own selfish interests.  If they did truly care about the future of America’s children, they would allow American children to look at raw historical facts and draw their own conclusions.

This shows a continuation in the trend of politicizing every single fabric of American society.  Whether it be media, entertainment or public services, political opinions and emotions have replaced facts. It is time to stop this dangerous trend and return rationality to school classrooms