Fast 5 with Students United’s junior Rebecca Tang



Rylie Lockerman

Students United club member junior Rebecca Tang says that the organization promotes STEAM and STEM at other schools.

Rylie Lockerman, Editor

What do you do in Students United?

In Students United, we really want to promote STEAM and STEM, so different science technology and engineering subjects among our students and schools.

What is your favorite thing about Students United?

We’re all friends here, so we all know each other really well, and we all have similar passions and interests and work well together in planning events and deciding on different topics and focuses.

How did you hear about this club and what made you want to join?

I heard about this club from my other friends at the end of last year and wanted to join because I really enjoy working with other students, especially middle schoolers and younger students.

What are you most looking forward to in this club?

I’m mostly looking forward to visiting middle school, especially CRMS because my sister goes there.

What is a fun moment you’ve had in this club so far?

The first meeting last year we had Oreos together and played a Disney board game which was fun.