Looking back, taking a step forward: Seniors look back on educational journey

Looking back, taking a step forward: Seniors look back on educational journey

Seniors Samu Jayaprakash, Inaaya Momin and Yejoo Kim reflect on their educational journey as they head into a new chapter.


As the year comes to an end, closing out your high school journey, what do you reminisce on and what will you miss most?

Kim: “I look back at all the opportunities and experiences I’ve had through my dance company and classes, and how each were memorable because of the friends I’ve made. I will miss my friends on the dance company and coming to school to see their endless laughter and support.”

Momin: “The one thing I will definitely miss most about high school is seeing my friends every day. Even though we’re all going our separate ways, I’m really proud of what all my friends have accomplished throughout high school, and I know they will do great things in college, and I hope that I can continue those relationships beyond high school.”

What advice would you give to incoming seniors regarding their last year in high school?

Jayaprakash: “Enjoy these last four years as best as you can. No mistake is the end of the world, and one day you will be able to overcome all of the challenges that you will face in high school.”

Momin: “I would advise incoming seniors to make the most of their senior year. If there’s something that they were interested in that they never had a chance to do preciously, then they should take senior year as an opportunity to do it. I would also say get an early start on college applications and spend as much time with your friends as you can.”

As you head into a new chapter following high school, what knowledge will you carry with you on both academic and on-academic endeavors?

Jayaprakash: “I’ve realized that being kind and courageous are the two most important things in order to succeed.”

What are you looking forward to and hope will be different?

Kim: “In college, I am looking forward to seeing the ‘adult life’ everyone has been preparing me for, and how my life will change because I will be able to gain more independence and freedom. I hope that I won’t be afraid to make choices on my own and take opportunities that will allow myself to become stronger and more knowledgeable.”

In what ways have you noticed personal growth throughout the years and what do you hope to see as you enter this new chapter?

Jayaprakash: “I’ve learned that it’s more important to cherish the friends and family that will always be there to support you.”

Momin: “As a freshman, I would say I was very shy and not as confident in myself. Today, I take initiative of starting the conversation and meeting new people and have gained the confidence to lead a group of people. I hope to use these skills in college to meet new people and potentially work with them. Overall, although I will miss high school, I’m excited to see what the future holds.”

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