What are you doing for Spring Break? Students detail their plans for a much needed vacation

Natalie Weber, Staff Reporter

With about one week left before school lets out for Spring Break, many students are getting ready to travel across the country and relax. 

Taking tests and tying up loose ends before school lets out is important to many, but the excitement surrounding the break is definitely a main topic on everyone’s minds. The question of, “Where are you going for Spring Break?” would be a “trending” question if Vandergrift had a google-like search engine. Some upperclassmen are very excited about their plans and where they are planning to go. 

Junior Anaya Ubha is headed to a place that she’s been before, but she said she is very excited to see the new changes that her destination will bring. 

“I am going to Orlando, Florida to visit family and just have a change of scenery,” Ubha said. “I am most excited about going on a plane and traveling since I haven’t had the opportunity to do that recently due to COVID and such.” 

Along with where she was traveling to, Ubha also shared what she was most excited about and what she will encounter in Orlando. 

“I love to travel, so I’m really excited to be able to explore different places,” Ubha said. “I can’t wait to go to Universal again because it’s been a little bit since I last went and I am looking forward to the new rides that they have added. I also can’t wait to try some new restaurants and shops where we will stay.” 

Senior Hannah Denkhaus said she will be traveling to Colorado for her vacation, and that she can’t wait to try new things there. 

“I am going to Breckenridge, Colorado for spring break to go skiing and enjoy the winter that we never get to experience here in Austin,” Denkhaus said. “I’ve skied a couple of times but I am really ecstatic to ski in Colorado since I heard the peaks were really amazing.”

Denkhaus said she is  excited by the “fun adventures” she will have  exploring a new place with her family. 

“I have never been to Breckenridge so I’m excited to go somewhere new and be able to create fun memories with my family,” Denkhaus said. “I really enjoy being outside so I can’t wait to be out in the snow and explore a new environment.” 

Senior Sadie Stevens shared where she is vacationing too, and her excitement about this new destination for her family. 

“I am going to Las Vegas, Nevada for a trip with my parents and younger brother, Connor,” Stevens said. “I have never been there before, so I am excited to see it for the first time and experience Vegas.” 

Stevens said what she is most excited for in her trip is a unique tour of a nearby national park. 

“My dad told us we are going on a helicopter tour over the Grand Canyon, and I’m nervous to go in a helicopter, but I’m sure it will be fun,” Stevens said. “I also plan on laying by the pool, going to a Cirque du Soleil show, and shopping with my mom. To be honest, I am most excited about the shopping there, because I heard there are many stores in and around our hotel, and I am looking forward to what I may find there.” 

All in all, most students including Ubha, Denkhaus and Stevens will be gone for most of the break, and a majority of students have said that they also have Spring Break plans. Traveling has always been thought of as exciting, but with so many people finally getting to explore new places again and lessening COVID restrictions, this break might be even more special to a lot of families.