A day in the life of a chemistry teacher


Photographer: Gabi Sevieri

Dr. Leblanc getting ready to hand out notes for her 4th period class.

Gabriella Sevieri, Staff Reporter

Teachers are used to having hectic schedules, ranging from coming up with lesson plans, going to meetings and keeping their students engaged to answering emails. A teacher’s day is definitely not as “normal” as we might think. Chemistry teacher Elle Leblanc teaches sophomores as well as seniors and her days have many moving parts to them. 

“I mostly get to school around 7:45am and I go home around 5:30pm, unless there is a sports game,” Leblanc said. “I usually watch that [the game] and end up going home around 7pm.”

Leblanc always makes sure to support her students, whether that is in sports, academics or the e-sports club, which she is the sponsor of. Most teachers have a busier day of the week than others, it could vary depending on their meetings, classes or family schedule. 

“I would say Monday is usually the busiest, because I am having to set up all the different labs and activities for the week,” Leblanc said. “Most Mondays I also have a meeting with the other chemistry teachers.”

Leblanc explained that her favorite part of the day is PIT, but it definitely has to be low-key in order for that to make it on her favorites list for the day. 

“I think when PIT is chill and there are only a few people in my class, it is really nice,” Leblanc said. “It’s great to be able to help students make up work or help retake a quiz if they need to. Even just having people in here to hang out and talk is one of the best things about the day.”

Her schedule varies throughout the week, each day is different. Sometimes she feels like there is a ton on her plate, but other times her day is lowkey. 

“My day depends, sometimes I feel as busy as other teachers, because science teachers usually have tons of labs and activities going on, along with grading.” Leblanc said. “I do, however, feel less busy than coaches. I attend about one game a week for fun, but they have to be at every game and come up with new plays as well.”

Leblanc, along with the other chemistry teachers, comes up with super fun labs that keep students engaged as well as still having a good time. 

“This week there has been a lot of testing going on, so there hasn’t been anything exciting, but last week my favorite day was when the class made waffles, ” Leblanc said. “I ate some as well and they were pretty good. It also smelled really nice in the room!”