‘The Lost City’ Movie Review



The movie poster for Lost City which is out now in theaters

Taylor Chronert, Staff Reporter

‘The Lost City’ is about the best selling author, Loretta Sage who writes novels that follow the adventures of Loretta and Dash McMahon. However while working on her latest novel, she feels that she wants to be done being a novelist as she is still grieving her late husband. On her book tour with cover model Alan, Loretta gets kidnapped by eccentric billionaire Abigail Fairfax, who hopes she can uncover the ancient city’s lost treasure from her latest book. Determined to be an actual hero, Alan sets off to rescue Loretta, which starts the adventure of Alan and Loretta.

This movie was probably my all time favorite out off all the movies that came out this year and was extremely funny. There wasn’t a time in the movie in which I wasn’t dying of laughter every ten seconds. One of my favorite scenes had to be the ones with Alan and Loretta with their arguments about the correct term for catching as well as cake which was really funny. 

 I also really liked the scene with Nunez when he was talking about his best friend. It was a scene when I was like ‘awww that’s so sweet’ but then when he pointed to the goat, I just started bursting out laughing. It went from a really cute scene to just a straight up funny scene that I wasn’t expecting.

Throughout this movie I just loved how much closer Alan and Loretta got to each other through the one hour and fifty two minutes of the movie. I mean in the beginning they weren’t a fan of each other but after Loretta gets kidnapped and they have to go on this adventure to get out of the island we see the closeness that happens throughout each adventure.

Overall, this movie was such a good comedy action movie, and I highly recommend seeing it. It is the type of movie that not only is very romantic but will also make you laugh. It’s that one movie that you can watch over and over and it won’t stop failing to make you laugh. Whenever I go to the movies for work, I would here people laughing when watching this movie which you know means it must be good.