Theater department’s “Legally Blonde the Musical” accused of a magnificent production

As their fall performance, the theater department performed “Legally Blonde the Musical” from Oct. 26-28.
As their fall performance, the theater department performed “Legally Blonde the Musical” from Oct. 26-28.
Rylie Lockerman

As their fall performance, the theater department performed “Legally Blonde the Musical” on Oct. 26-28. Prior to my attendance at the Oct. 28 evening show, the musical had not been as engraved in my brain as it is currently, and I wasn’t familiar with the Broadway production. Any “Legally Blonde” knowledge I held was solely from the 2001 film, which I absolutely adored. As a former musical theater kid, having this new, musical filled interpretation of the film left me in eager anticipation.

Saturday night, as I walked towards the auditorium, I was met with pink decorations and a merchandise set-up that entirely captured the world of El Woods. I felt as though the department perfectly created an environment that matched the bubbly atmosphere of the play. This was highlighted by the upbeat playlist of music playing as the audience filed in. As the lights went down and the music crescendo, I settled in.

Based merely on the opening act, I could tell that each performer, crew member, and director put an immense amount of work into putting this show together. Each character was portrayed well, however the leading lady caught my eye the most. Senior Kaitlin Black, playing the role of El Woods, pitched her voice and encapsulated a bubbly persona, perfecting reaching the level of perkiness and personality that El holds. Aside from individual characters, the “Greek Chorus” was my favorite recurring group to appear on stage. Of course, these sorority girls shined in the iconic opening number of “Omigod You Guys,” however “Chip on My Shoulder” made a spot for itself on my list of top tracks.

There were many memorable moments within the show that stood out and helped piece together a wonderful performance. Constant humor found a place in every scene throughout each act, but “There! Right There!” had the entire audience in laughter. The theater department’s own style of comedy stood out in this song as they pieced together a slideshow of gay and European celebrities, which perfectly correlated and added to the track. The ensemble and lead vocals alone were beautiful, but the “Whipped Into Shape” scenes had me beyond impressed. Despite the combination of jump roping, choreography, and belting, no actor seemed to be out of breath and the songs were delivered as if they weren’t doing constant cardio. The last moment that I know stole the show and the audience’s hearts was the inclusion of two dogs, Toffee and Charlie, making limited, but memorable appearances.

Overall, as the very first performance of “Legally Blonde the Musical” I have viewed, I was astonished by the incredible cast and crew. Their ability to portray the message and still create an incredibly entertaining environment impressed me and leaves me excited for the performances to come.

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