Lazeez Mediterranean Cafe


Daniel Farrow, Staff Reporter

Lazeez Mediterranean Cafe
6812 RM-620
Austin, Texas 78732

Lazeez is a new addition to the numerous restaurants and food trucks off 620. It’s a small building with a comfortable and personal feel. The walls are adorned with pictures of famous and beautiful destinations in the Mediterranean. Along with regional music, the surroundings give the restaurant a very traditional feel.
The service is exceptional and simple. It is a family run business and every staff member I’ve interacted with has been nothing but friendly and helpful. While I was looking for a dish to try I asked for recommendations, descriptions and thoughts on the menu. Every staff member I talked to was able to give me detailed descriptions, thoughtful recommendations and honest thoughts on their own menu items.
While the service alone sets the place apart from the rest of the nearby options, the food only helps to elevate Lazeez to the top of my favorites list. I personally enjoy the chicken shawarma wrap. The meat is tender, never dry and seasoned to perfection. Add the vegetables, dressing and an amazing wrap and you’ve got a meal fit for lunch or dinner.
If chicken isn’t your protein of choice there is also a beef shawarma option as well as a Philly Cheese Steak, gyro, kebabs and lamb bbq. If you’re craving a dish with less carbs there are variations of these dishes as plates as well as salads and veggie plates. The vegetarian plate includes hummus, rice, salad, tahini sauce and choices of falafel, cauliflower, eggplant or zucchini.
My only criticism is the wait time, especially on orders greater than two items. There are limited kitchen staff and only one register, so when it is busy there can be a lengthy wait to order and for your food.
Over the few short weeks after I discovered it, Lazeez has become a regular staple for healthy eating while I’m out and about. The service, while sometimes having a wait, is exceptional and the food is worth it no matter the wait time. Overall I would give this restaurant 5 stars out of 5.