That’s what you missed on Glee!

Some members of the Glee Club performing We are the Champions in Season 3 episode 21

Submitted by Taylor Chronert

Some members of the Glee Club performing ‘We are the Champions’ in Season 3 episode 21

Taylor Chronert, Staff Reporter

Recently I finished the hit show Glee on Netflix, and let me just say, I enjoyed that show so much. I was obsessed over it, binge-watched it whenever I was bored or wanted to watch a good show. Even over winter break when I had to be quarantined, I would watch this show. The show is set at William McKinley High School and is about the high school choir group, also known as the glee club. As they try to go for their national win, they deal with social issues like bullying, body image, homosexuality, teen pregnancy, disabilities, and others mentioned in the show. 

The show is about a high school teacher named William Schuster who wants to take over the Glee Club and have it be a place where people can discover their talent, and find themselves. In the beginning, he was able to get Rachel Barry, Kurt Hummel, Mercedes Jones, Tina Cohen-Chang, and Artie Abrams to join. He was also able to get football quarterback, Finn Hudson, to join the club, after he heard him sing in the boys locker room, by blackmailing him. When head cheerleader coach, Sue Slyvester, finds out that the Glee Club is starting to rise, she has the Unholy Trinity (Quinn, Santana and Brittney) join the club and report to her on what is happening so she can shut it down. Quinn immediately agrees as she thinks she will be able to get her boyfriend, Finn, back as she thinks Rachel is trying to steal him from her. 

One of the things I like about Glee was all the songs they sang. Some of the songs I have heard of, but others I got introduced to because of Glee. I currently don’t have a favorite song from the show because I like them all, but the ones I’m currently obsessed over, is ‘Cold Hearted’ sung by Santana in Season 4, ‘It’s my life/Confessions part II’ from Season 1, ‘Cry,’ sung by Rachel in Season 3, ‘Loser Like Me,’ sung in Season 3, plus ‘Physical,’ sung by Sue in Season 1. 

Even though this show is such a good show, it’s also very emotional. The episodes I remember making me cry the most was episode twenty-one of season 3, and episode three of Season 5. Those episodes made me cry so much because in episode twenty-one, the glee club won nationals, and Mr. Schue won the teacher of the year award. When he was going up to accept the award, the glee kids were singing ‘We are the Champions,’ and one by one he was hugging all the glee club members on that stage, and I started crying because half of the kids are graduating in the next episode, and it shows how close of a family they all were. Episode 3 of season 5 was a little harder on emotion, because one of the cast members passed away during the filming of the show, and it was just really sad because he was one of my favorite characters on the show, and I knew that they were going to kill him off the show, which made it even sadder, but it’s amazing to see how they treasure his character in the show, like when they named the auditorium after him.

From all 6 seasons, my favorite characters have to be Finn, the friendship between the Unholy Trinity,  The friendship between Sue, Will, and Coach Betsie’s friendship, Kurt, Sue, as well as Unique and Kitty from season 4. There is a lot of debate on Kitty being a likable character and my opinion is that even though she’s a cheerleader, and they are usually not the nicest people in the show, she has done some things that made me like her, like when she wanted Tina to get the chance to win Prom Queen even though she was nominated herself, and giving Tina her dress after she got slushied at prom, as well as not caring about being in the Glee Club and ruining her reputation to dating someone who’s handi-caped.

What I will remember from this show, is the famous slushie incidents. Whenever the Glee Club walks by, the jocks would throw slushies at them, and when Glee Club won nationals and came back to school, and everyone had those slushie cups, they thought they were going to get slushied,  but it ended up being confetti instead. One of my favorite slushie moments was when the Glee Club threw slushies at Mr. Schue because he’s never gotten slushied. Not only will I think of the show when I think of Glee, but also the time when I saw the ‘Glee Live 3D Concert Movie,’ with my mom and hating it just because I felt very dizzy and nauseous when watching it.

If you are a fan of music and musical shows, I highly recommend watching Glee. Not only does it have good music, but it also shows what life is like in high school and how all these kids in the show deal with what typical high school students deal with, like bullying, disabilities, heartbreaks, finding yourself, and discovering your passion. Plus not only would I recommend watching this show, but Sue Sylvester would too, because that’s how Sue C’s it.