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“What We Said” Podcast Review


Katie McClellan

The “What We Said” Podcast features a weekly episode and a bonus monthly advice column.

Katie McClellan, Co-Editor

After listening to only two episodes of the “What We Said” podcast hosted by the ultimate best friend duo Jaci Marie Smith and Chelsey Jade Curtis, I was easily hooked and now self-identify as a major fangirl. 

The Dear Media studio podcast was started in 2018 and these two powerful boss ladies have taken on everything from controversial topics, girl power, and business to health and relationships ever since. Jaci and Chelsey offer an abundance of unsolicited advice and comedic or meaningful commentary while reading stories from fans and occasionally interviewing guests. They’re podcast naturals and make me want to start the next episode as soon as I hear their closing line “and that’s what we said.”

As soon as I press play Jaci and Chelsey make me feel like I’m sitting down to have a chat with the girls about life. Jaci is an entrepreneur and social media content creator on both Instagram and YouTube, where she uploads long weekly life vlogs. Chelsey is a certified holistic health coach and micro-influencer. The girls have been best friends since high school and have also co-created an online course called Balanced Boss, focusing on self motivation and business education.

The “What We Said” podcast has featured guests like Indy Severe, a popular social media influencer, discussed the story behind the Tezza brand with Tezza and Cole Hermann, and recently even interviewed a CEO dentist on proper dental hygiene. While these episodes are exciting and educational, my favorites are their solo episodes where the girls discuss everything from listeners’ craziest workplace stories, to sticking to your health goals. Some of these episodes are funny and fun, featuring the highlights of the girl’s week and diving into hilarious listener stories, while others are deep and emotional, hitting on hard topics or talking about faith or controversial ideas.

The pair sport a strong blue and pink theme and hold back nothing when it comes to being real and talking about what’s important to them. They often reiterate that they don’t expect their listeners to agree with everything they say, like their thoughts on the free Britney conspiracy, but they still think it’s important to discuss what they’re passionate or curious about.

This podcast has taught me how important listening to and taking care of yourself is, focusing on how self-care is crucial and shouldn’t be an afterthought. I’ve listened to the girls give their best relationship advice to people in sticky situations while emphasizing to never do anything because your significant other says you have too. Jaci and Chelsey think it’s important to have fun with life, but take your goals seriously and transform them into reality. I’m a major feminist and my attention is easily grabbed by anything sporting the words “girl power,” but this podcast managed to open my eyes to the many facets of feminism and how to set my own standards for success.

My advice? Sit down with a good cup of coffee and an open mind and spend your Saturday morning listening to the “What We Said” podcast. Jaci and Chelsey will change your life.

And that’s what I said.