Fate of the Furious review

Hadley Hudson, Co-Editor in Chief

Everyone is familiar with the mindless, bustling action that comes with the Fast and the Furious. The long-running series has a huge fanbase, includes high budget films, and has an iconic cast. The last movie, Furious 7, included the death of one of the main characters. Although some believed that the death of Paul Walker would catalyze the end for the franchise, the eighth movie proved that the series is possibly endless.

The Fast and the Furious is always centered with a theme of togetherness and unity. No matter what villains they face or who they race, they are always a “family” in the end. In fact, I am pretty sure that they say the word “family” upwards of two hundred thousand times during the movie. In the trailer alone, I am sure they say it about ten times. The story centers around Dom (Vin Diesel) betraying the “family,” including his newlywed Letty (Michelle Rodriguez). The reason for the betrayal is revealed at one point (SPOILER: Dom has a kid with someone else and he just shows up with the kid one day and no one cares, you would think that the wife would care but she is all smiles), and no one really cares about anything once it’s done with. It has a very strange ending. Surprisingly, the movie ends with the family happy and together in the end. It was a huge shock to everyone in the theater and I am sure that there were riots all over the world over this bombshell. The movie was sort of forgettable even though the production value was ridiculous and they went to new heights in terms of how crazy a racing movie can be. It concludes with the promise of a new movie, of course.

Although I wouldn’t recommend this movie to anyone normally, if they asked me for a stupid movie to watch ironically I would not hesitate to give them Fate of the Furious. That is my position on every Fast and Furious movie as well. Mindless and extreme action is not my favorite type of movie, and senseless plot is annoying as well. This franchise somehow has good actors but somehow remains this way. It’s not bad, it’s a unique sort of genre. Fate of the Furious is unique in one way at least.