Austin City Limits Tickets Hard To Come By

Danielle Docherty, Sports Editor

Austin City Limits Music Festival runs October 8 through 10 at Zilker Park in downtown Austin.

Passes are completely sold out. Previously priced at $185 for a three-day pass and $85 for a one-day pass, your best bet now is Craigslist or searching for a scalper the day of. Unfortunately, the chances of getting tickets are slim to none, and interested concert-goers are figuring out just how much they’re willing to spend.

“For a three day pass? I would definitely pay $250,” junior Suzie Cavanaugh said.

With over 120 bands playing at ACL, many shows will be overlapped and at different stages. It’s impossible to see all the shows. The Eagles, Muse, Phish, The Strokes, M.I.A., The Flaming Lips, Vampire Weekend, Switchfoot, and Rebelution are just a few of the bands playing at this world-known music festival.

“I would want to see Switchfoot at ACL. I’ve seen them before and they were amazing live,” Katy Gallien said.

Since your chances of scoring a ticket now are slim to none, if you are interested in experiencing ACL, start looking into buying tickets for the 2011 event soon.