Girls Soccer tie Hays 1-1

Justin Jalomo, Sports Reporter

The varsity girls soccer team tied Hays 1-1 in their final home game of the season.

“It was our last home game so it was a little disappointing that we didn’t win but they were a really good sports team who put up such a good fight cause if they won, they got to go to playoffs,” senior Grace Erdman said. “It was a good game. I would’ve rather had a win but we played well.”

The girls were down 1-0 going into halftime and needed to make a comeback in order to win the game.

“Our coach never lost confidence in us,” sophomore Lauren Brideau said. “We focused on our game not Hays, working on switching our forwards and getting our outside backs involved in the attack. We were confident at halftime of our ability to put at least one in the net.”

Erdman didn’t score in the game but she contributed to the team in any way she could to help her teammates score.

“I thought I worked pretty hard and tried to create as many offensive opportunities as I could between winning the ball and bringing it forward,” Erdman said.

Brideau also didn’t score but she contributed by helping get the ball up the field.

“As an outside back, I make both ball side and weak side runs whether or not I get the ball from those runs,” Brideau said. “The runs changes the picture on the field and makes the defense hesitate, creating other opportunities for my teammates elsewhere.”

After the game, coach was proud of the team for making a comeback after being down.

“She thought that we played well and it was good that we got back in it from being down,” Erdman said. “She would’ve rather come out with a win and we won district so we have to win again on Friday.”

There were other games that both Erdman and Brideau thought that were better than Hays.

“One that comes to mind was our first district game against Westlake, where we went down early on but fought back for a 3-1 victory,” Brideau said. “Another very exciting game for us was beating Vista at home because that is always an intense game.”

The girls play their final game against Lake Travis and plan to come out on top.

“I think that we definitely had to work really hard to score on them which I know we’ll have to work really hard to score on Lake Travis because they also have a really strong defense,” Erdman said. “I think playing a team that was really difficult to score on will mimic how it will be against Lake Travis.”

Although the end result was a tie and the girls are district champs, the team has secured a spot in the playoffs and are preparing to do well.

“Every game prepares us for playoffs,” Brideau said. “This game did and that Lake Travis game too. We came out hard until the last minute of the game, forcing us to come out even stronger throughout the entire game.”