Interactive choice sheets are here to stay

Stephen King, Writer

Students who want to know more about their future course options can watch course description videos on the new interactive choice sheets. In the videos, teachers explain the courses they teach.

“This is a new innovative way to market all wonderful opportunities that Vandegrift has to offer,” lead counselor Amy Rodriguez said.

The teachers in the videos tell what topics will be discussed, what credits will be received, and projects that will be worked on in the class.

“Some of them are really, really awesome,” Rodriguez said. “I like the videos in the art classes because they have so many different samples of work.”

The videos were not just done by the teachers, because there was help from their own students for putting together their videos.

“I learned a lot,” junior Ethan McCosky, who helped Anne Goshorn, said. “I hadn’t used certain Adobe softwares before. I was planning on learning it anyways and it was a perfect opportunity.”

If students want to look at the videos, all they have to do is look on the homepage of the school website or the guidance and counseling website.

“If I was able to take courses here I would want to take some of them,” Rodriguez said. “Just from the videos I watched.”