Senior starts new LEGO Club


Justin Bruce

Junior Eddie Bates builds a personal model with LEGOS at the club.

Stephen King, Writer

Almost everyone has played with LEGOs when they were young. Now students get to play with them again in the LEGO Club, which meets on Fridays during PIT. Senior Keith Tran decided to start the club.

“He’s always loved LEGOs for a long time,” Whitney Tran, Keith’s sister said. “He’s always thought that no one really likes them besides him because they thought that they’re immature. He started to let everyone else join and let anyone who likes LEGOs be comfortable.”

Before starting the LEGO Club, Tran used to be in engineering in 10th grade, until he switched to learning about medicine to be a doctor, so for now, the only kind of building he is interested in is with LEGOs.

“I was in engineering, but I decided it wasn’t right for me,” Tran said. “I just like LEGOs.”

He has always played with them since he was 8 years old and still does.

“I guess when I was little, I’d always play with LEGOs and make weird cars out of them and stuff,” Tran said. “And just kind of escalated from there when I got my first LEGO set.”

As of now, there are 20 members in the LEGO Club. Members may also bring LEGOs from home and are allowed to keep them in room, 1613, where the club meets.

“Right now it’s just pretty basic blocks,” the club’s sponsor and engineer teacher, Martin Wiedenmeier said. “But as people bring things in, they bring interesting things so I wouldn’t be surprised if you start seeing some of those kids in here as well.”

The LEGOS that the club currently has are of different colors and includes special pieces like jewels and fences and propellers, not to mention magazines and catalogs to look at for one’s inspiration and amusement. The club members will also be allowed to make stop motion videos, but for now, they are still thinking about activities.

“We were going to mostly just let them do whatever they want as long it’s mature,” Tran’s sister said. “But as soon as we can get more pieces that are specialized, we will start making stuff like statues for the school. And we’ve been making a snake statue.”

If anyone feels too old to play with LEGOs, then this is the perfect place for them to be because they are the special sort of members the club is looking for.

“LEGOs are a part of your childhood. Don’t forget your childhood,” Tran said. “Before you know it, it’s going to be gone.”