Brothers bond over love for golf

Johnny Morreale, Writer

Every family has its traditions. Some paint Easter eggs, others organize sack races. For the Dossey family, the activity that binds their various generations together is the seasonable sport of golf. This nearly six decade-long family tradition is now being upheld by brothers Luke and Cooper Dossey, who are both members of the golf team.

“He’s my best friend,” senior Cooper said. “So to have him on the team is a great aspect for me.”

The brothers have been playing the sport since they could barely walk. Cooper, currently the team’s co-captain, is very appreciative of his younger brother’s presence on the team, though he does admit that a competitive atmosphere can sometimes develop.

“He’s a really good player,” Cooper said. “We’re always out there trying to beat each other.”

Luke also admits to a low-key rivalry between him and his brother, explaining that they often have competitions when they play.  Despite this divisiveness, Luke Dossey believes that the experience has brought them closer together.

“It is going to be really hard next year when he’s in Baylor and I’m down here,” Luke said.