New golf captains elected

Johnny Morreale, Writer

Golf is frequently seen as the ultimate sport of the middle-aged and wealthy, second only to yachting. But for three enterprising young students, golf is a major focus of their lives. Such a major focus, in fact, that seniors Cooper Dossey, Tobin Niblett, and Sarah Rovenstine became captains of Vandegrift’s eminent golf team.

“I have never known harder workers,” Head Golf Coach Matt Wernecke said.

The captains are very involved in golf, having spent many hours practicing the sport. Most have been swinging their clubs for years. Dossey has been playing since he was two.

“Golf is one of the major parts of my life,” Dossey said.

Dossey is one of two boys team captains. He owes his success to his experience, leadership skills, and dedication. His responsibilities as team captain include taking attendance at practice, providing assistance, particularly advice for more effective golf techniques, to other team members when required and generally act as an exemplary model.

“I think [becoming a captain] humbled me,” Dossey said. “I care a lot about my teammates and I hope that I can live up to what they want me to do this year.”

Tobin Niblett, the other golf captain, has shown a similar level of dedication. Wernecke recounts of when Niblett had to undergo surgery last year. Even though it left him somewhat debilitated, he still came to practice often.

“It’s amazing to see that level of dedication in a team member,” Wernecke said.

Girls team captain Sarah Rovenstine hopes that a term as captain will be held as an example for future team leaders. She emphasizes the role of her fellow team members in the selection process, explaining that to become captain, it is necessary to gain the respect of your team. Rovenstine has confidence that her team will continue its history of success this year.

“We have a lot of experience and team spirit,” Rovenstine said. “It’s really a solid team.”

But the captains have interests outside of the golf course as well. Dossey cites his faith and love of other sports, including ping pong and basketball, as other major focuses of his life. Sarah notes that it was her love of the outdoors in general that brought her to golf in the first place.

“Being with people is on the top of my list too,” Rovenstine said.