Book review: Six Months Later


Taylor Chronert

‘Six Months Later’ is such a good read, especially during your sixth period government class

Taylor Chronert, Staff Reporter

It was the middle of May when Chloe Spinnaker fell asleep in study hall, but when she woke up, There was snow on the ground and it was winter. She missed the last six months of her life, and can’t remember what happened those last six month. 

Six Months Later is a thriller novel written by Natalie D. Richards and is about a teenage mediocre girl named Chloe. After getting in trouble by pulling the fire alarm to help out her best friend Maggie when she was struggling with her presentation in class and everyone was laughing at her, she falls asleep in study hall, woke up  as a teenage valedictorian, dating the most popular jock in school, Blake Tanner, having the perfect life, except her friend is Maggie not talking to her. With the help of one of her classmates, Adam Reed, Chloe soon embarks on this adventure of what happened the day when she woke up. In the attempt to regain her memory, some are convinced she’s gone mad; and Chole just might believe them. 

She knew she would have to put up this ‘new Chloe’ pretense until she figured out what happened to her, she acted as the person she was when she woke up: the perfect valedictorian who’s being recruited by Ivy League Schools, and who’s dating the ‘super jock’ Blake Tanner. However, not only was she lying to other people, but to herself as well – because this wasn’t her. 

What I liked about this book was all the suspense that was happening  in each chapter. The author would leave us with such  suspenseful ends to each chapter, and that’s what would make me want to continue reading, so I could find out what happens next. As the clues unravelled, and the plot thickened, I could not put it down. The captivating twists and turns of the storyline made me desperate for answers. 

In the book, we do see that Chloe’s love life is not all that simple. Though her life is perfect, she is stuck between two love interests: side characters, Blake Tanner and Adam Reed. Before she lost her memory, she would have given anything to be with Blake, but after losing her memory, she realized Adam might be the one.. When it came to her choice, I felt like Adam was better for her than Blake. Blake struck me as weird, he was alway following her and giving her no space, which I found a little suspicious . there would be times when he was controlling. When it comes to Adam, even though he’s considered a ‘bad boy’, he would do anything for Chloe,he would always be there for her and loves her.

Six Months Later was not a disappointment to me whatsoever, and I highly recommend reading this book if you really enjoy thriller type of books. If you aren’t a fan of thrillers, I still recommend giving it a read because there is also some mystery in this book. I enjoyed that the most; it wasn’t just a thriller, it was a mystery as well. Natalie D. Richards did such a good job writing this book thatI’m planning on trying out another one of her books.