David Hasselhoff Releases New Music Video for Upcoming Short Film “Kung Fury”

Kevin Erm, Staff Writer

Even at age 62, The Hoff still can’t be hasseled with. And it is now more clearly evident than ever before with his latest over the top music video released last Thursday called “True Survivor”. The video is astoundingly fun to watch.

The video starts with three thugs carrying guns down in a very 80’s looking alleyway only to be stopped by David Hasselhoff in a cop car, who looks strangely 30-years younger. Hoff ask for their gun permits only to have his car thrown in the air by one of the thugs skateboard and shot at. But at this moment the thugs make the grave mistake of hasseling David Hasselhoff. Hasselhoff fights back in midair, taking down the thugs and denying their permits forever. And that was just the first 24 seconds.

After David Hasselhoff unleashed his wrath, the actual music video begins and we are greeted with classic 80’s synthesizers, keytar riffs and David Hasselhoff dancing and singing next a white Lamborghini Countach, singing about a true survivor who fights for life and all the good we believe in who apparently fights thugs, Nazis and go back in time to make friends with a female Nordic warrior with a chain gun and acquire a Tyrannosaurus Rex. This music video has everything.

The video and song was made by Hasselhoff for an upcoming retro, indie action short film called Kung Fury, which was funded by kick starter donations back in December 2013 and made over $600,000 worth of crowdfunding. Hasselhoff won’t appear in the film, but hopefully his song will appear in the movie and the 6 million views the video has received will the movie popularity.

Kung Fury will screen at the Directors Fortnight section at the 2015 Cannes Film Festival. For more information about Kung Fury, Click here http://www.kungfury.com/ and to watch the music video click here https://youtu.be/ZTidn2dBYbY .