Rex Orange County’s “WHO CARES?”


Natalie Weber and Gabriella Sevieri

WHO CARES? Rex Orange County Album Review 

Released on March 11 of this year, Rex Orange County’s newest album “WHO CARES?” shows how music can have relatable lyrics with a unique alternative and indie sound. 

Alexander James O’Connor, or “Rex” as his fans know him, rose to fame in 2017 after being featured on numerous songs in Tyler, The Creator’s album “Flower Boy.” However, Rex first started his musical career with a mixtape, “Bcos U Will Never B Free,” in 2015. He then produced his first album, “Apricot Princess,” in 2017 and a second album, “Pony,” in 2019. The English, 23-year-old singer-songwriter’s newest album encompasses a new era of Rex without straying too much away from his original sound. Examples can be found in the orchestral backgrounds used in the song “Pluto Projector” off of “Pony” and now “KEEP IT UP” from his new album. 


Some of the best songs on his new album include “OPEN A WINDOW,” “KEEP IT UP” and the title song,“WHO CARES?”. Out of those three songs, “KEEP IT UP” was the song I resonated with the most. I remember that I was particularly stressed when the song first came out and it sparked motivation. Rex Orange County tends to go for a slower melody, but “WHO CARES?” demonstrated more of an upbeat sound, which I thoroughly enjoyed. 

“OPEN A WINDOW” was put together beautifully. I especially loved that Tyler, The Creator was featured in this song. I love the friendship between the two artists; it’s easy to tell that they are great friends because of how easily their voices fit together. I noticed the orchestra was in the background as well, which I thought flowed beautifully throughout the song. My favorite part about listening was the effortlessness the artists had. I could see how much both truly enjoy the art of singing. 

In “WHO CARES?” the words flow together perfectly. Rex Orange county is able to sing light and airy, along with having a gritty tone. I think it is important that an artist is able to include many different elements into their vocal performances. This song also has relatable elements tied in. Most of the lyrics include experiences that almost everyone has had or thinks about. 



Some of my favorite songs off the album include “AMAZING,” “ONE IN A MILLION” and  “WORTH IT.” For me, “AMAZING” is the song that spoke to me the most. Not only does it have a great sound and beat, but it also has a sweet message about how the people closest to you want you to realize just how amazing you are. This song is a great example of a happy song and will surely bring a smile to someone’s face. Watching this music video is a must! It is just so adorable!

“ONE IN A MILLION” does a great job of making you feel like what the song says: one in a million. I love the intro of the piano and how the song expands on itself as Rex sings about how much he loves a girl. It’s a cute song about romance that is sure to give someone butterflies. The tempo changes throughout the song, and it keeps the audience interested and on their toes as the lyrics go faster throughout the song.
“WORTH IT” tackles a feeling that many people can say they experienced: change that they don’t necessarily want in their life. The orchestra that is featured throughout the song just gives the song the coolest feeling along with the drums that accompany it. This song is definitely one that you feel the writer wrote just for you because of how relatable the lyrics are. This song is a great reminder that some things are just not “WORTH IT,” and that it’s okay if you have a hard time with that change. In the end, just getting over it is the best answer. 


“WHO CARES?”  does a remarkable job of encompassing a wide range of thoughts and emotions but keeps a consistently unique sound throughout the whole album. We’ve been binge-listening to this album ever since the album was released and we just aren’t tired of it. Rex Orange County has done an amazing job of putting all his creativity into this album, and we can’t wait to see what he will do in the future.