New PALees join the team

Dayna Ung, Staff Reporter

Name? Grade?

Treasa Connors, 11th grade

Why did you want to be a PAL?

I wanted to be a PAL because I saw all the fun things they got to do with the students at the elementary schools and growing up saw how influential they were to my peers who had PALS. That was super inspiring to me and I wanted to be influential on a student who may be struggling or needs a friend.

What does being a PAL mean to you?

Being a PAL means not only being a friend to everyone around you, but being a leader and showing people around you how to act and treat others every day even when you aren’t on campus.

What are some experiences you have had that made you decide to become a PAL?

I am a babysitter, lifeguard and swim instructor so I’m around kids all the time. Helping them learn a new skill in the pool, interacting with them while I’m up on the stand watching the pool or getting to hangout with them and do their favorite things has always been so fun to experience. After doing that so often and seeing so many kids smile, it made me realize that being a PAL meant I got to do that but for school. I knew that PALS would be the best organization and class to join so that I could interact with kids who are the future of Vandegrift and hopefully inspire them to go around spreading positivity everywhere they go.

Who has supported you in trying to become a PAL?

All of my friends and those currently in PALS were my biggest supporters. 

What are you most looking forward to about PALS?

I am looking forward to working with kids and making super fun memories.

What are some things you are nervous about?

I am not really nervous about anything; mostly excited.

How do you plan on using your position of leadership?

I plan on making sure I am an example to not only the kids but also to people around me at Vandegrift.

What are some qualities you think will make a good PAL?

Someone who is fun, chill and enthusiastic but can also discipline and lead with authority when needed.

What advice would you give to people wanting to apply for PALS next year?

Be confident, be yourself and have fun with it.