International Club starts year off right

Stephen King, Writer

For those who are interested in learning about other cultures, International Club is a good way to teach people about cultures from numerous foreign countries. Students have the ability to share what they know about their certain culture through things such as food or customs.

The current club president is Eva Gonzalez and the club was founded by former student Maria Rana, who recently graduated in 2014. The club focuses on educating members about other cultures and becoming a diverse organization.

“Last year there weren’t any prominent members,” Gonzalez said. “[Since] there was no one really there I brought the club up again.”

The club talked about Turkey as one of their discussions in their last meeting. Two new members of Turkish origin, Derya and Melina, talked about Turkey’s history, modern culture, tourist areas, and food such as Turkish delight.

“They were willing to share about a little bit of their culture,” Gonzalez said.

The club is not only for students from other countries, but also students from the U.S. which makes the club entirely mix-cultured. International Club plans on doing a pumpkin carving and a winter party to celebrate so many cultures.

“We want people from Texas and from other states to join our club,” Gonzalez said.