Harvey Players puts on variety show

Chloe Strader and Hallie Locke

Theatre performed in their satirically inspired variety show called Joe’s Café this past weekend. With the majority of the established theater classes performing, the show was a diversely unique set of skits.

“So it’s not like a play where it’s just a straight story that has a beginning middle and end, it’s a show that has skits, music, dancing and short scenes,” says Alonso.

There were a few returning seniors that played larger rolls in the show.

“We had a dancing number done by Tanvi and a harp number that Cleonah Cure played,” said Alonso.

“So it’s called Joe’s cafe variety show, so it’s kind of like a saturday night live kind of thing. It’s made up of our varsity classes doing skits that they’ve written, there mostly original,” said theater director Schneider.

While the varsity theater students are a large part of the show, the other theater students performed as well.

“We had some people that have auditioned for the talent spots, then we had my theater one and two  classes doing choreographed lip sync routines,” says Schneider.

The show took place at 2p.m. on Saturday. The theater directors decided to make it a matinee so both students and audience members could still enjoy the day after the show.

“It was two hour show with intermission and just a fun way to end the year,” said Schneider.

Despite its satirical roots this was an important and extremely emotional show because it was the last time many of the seniors would be performing with there fellow classmates before college.

“It was the last show of the year for our seniors it will be emotional. There are some really sweet moments in the show, it wasn’t all funny,” said Schneider.