Sports Med Places 2nd in Olympic Trainer Games

Hallie Locke and Chloe Strader

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On March 31, The Sports Med team competed in a “Trainer Olympic Games.” They competed in various events relating to the sports med field, so they could sharpen their skills.
“We all competed in various events,” freshman Maya Kothari said. “The Trainer Olympics were not a required event, but most of us did it because it was fun.”
Many of the competitors enjoyed the competition because it really tested their strengths and skills.
“The sports med trainer Olympics was a competition of wits in the sports medicine field,” freshman Mudd said. “We all competed in different types of events that really highlighted our different skills as a team.”
The team did not place first overall, however, they placed first in cup stacking, second place in the crutch relay, first place in another relay.
“We got second place to Georgetown,” Mudd said. “They hosted the event so they knew how to do all the obstacles. The schools in the competition were Hutto, Leander, Cedar Park, River Ridge, and obviously Georgetown.”
Although just for fun, many of the competitors thought that the competition was fun and something that they would do again.
“I really liked the competition,” Mudd said. “I think that we learned a lot about things that we already knew how to do, but we learned how to do them better and faster. I’m excited about this competition next year.”

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