The Last of Us finally gets a sequel

The left is a limited edition poster released in September, and the right is Ellies tattoo in the trailer for the second game.

The left is a limited edition poster released in September, and the right is Ellie’s tattoo in the trailer for the second game.

Hadley Hudson, Co-Editor in Chief

Considered one of the best games of all time, featuring beautiful art and a beautiful story, selling 1.3 million copies in its first week of release, including great voice actors and a great score, and ending with a huge cliffhanger that was thought to never be continued are all apart of the videogame, The Last of Us.

Video game fans have been waiting patiently for a second game for three years. Naughty Dog, the creators of the game, spent years throwing around the idea of a sequel and, despite nearly giving up, came up with a story worth telling.

The Last of Us is a third person shooter game (if you don’t play videogames, the camera is slightly above the person you are) during the zombie apocalypse where you play as Joel, a hardened and tough 40-something Texan man who is tasked with bringing a young teenaged girl named Ellie across the United States to find a cure for the “Cordyceps fungus” (the zombie virus). She is immune to both ways that a person can get the virus, through inhalation or bite. They cross the country by hiking through mountains and dangerous cities, constantly in near-death situations. While they’re on their journey, Joel and Ellie’s bond becomes strong and they become a father-daughter-like duo. Ellie senses that Joel has some difficulty in his past, which he does, and her dry humor and her child-like resilience soften his tough exterior. The game ends in a huge cliffhanger that makes anyone cry, and combined with the amazing soundtrack the tears just keep coming.

On Dec. 3, the trailer for the Last of Us Part II was released. It takes place years afterward, tiny and cute Ellie is all grown up. The trailer is tear jerking, although it is just Ellie playing the guitar (Joel finally taught her! Collective “Aww”!) and singing. One questions whether or not Joel is alive and he shows up at the end, calling Ellie “kiddo” (I’m a sucker for any “kiddo”s). Ellie has been bleeding down her forehead this whole time, looks unspeakably angry, and she looks up and tells Joel that she is going to find and kill “every last one of them.”

Here’s where I get into the spoilers, so skip this paragraph if the spoilers are unwanted. My personal feedback is pretty simple: scared. I am terrified. My personal theory is that Joel is dead, killed by the (insert people that are involved in huge cliffhanger that I don’t want to reveal). I think that Ellie is imagining him and she is infuriated, because the only person that she had is gone. Because the only person that she loves is gone and practically her father has been taken from her, she is going to get revenge. That explains why the player of this game is Ellie as well, and why the story is going to be centered around her. I hope that my theory is wrong, but I can’t think of anything else that would upset her that much. But, that theory is a little simple, so maybe everything’s perfectly fine and dandy, hopefully everything’s fine and I won’t be heartbroken for the rest of my life.

This videogame has been one of the most anticipated for three years, and ever since its release there has been endless questioning about the sequel. This trailer seems to prelude a deserving sequel to the original game, and although the release date is undecided and may be far away, I am personally going to be anticipating until it is. Also, I recommend staying away from huge spoilers, if anyone looks up The Last of Us Part II on the internet there will be plot and character spoilers out of the wazoo.