French students celebrate National French Week


Johnny Morreale, Writer

This week, Nov. 4-10, has been designated National French Week by the American Association of Teachers of French. During National French Week, students can participate in contests that illustrate the influence and importance of the French language. French teacher Kelly Simon is an enthusiastic supporter of the event.

“It’s important to spread the knowledge of how valuable the language is,” Simon said.

The French Club and National French Honor Society are, together, planning activities to celebrate. Decisions will be finalized during the National French Honor Society meeting this Friday.

“I’m really excited to see what they’re going to come up with,” Simon said.

Students have the option to participate in either an essay or a video/animation contest. Entries for both contests are to be based on the 2015 theme French Heritage in America. AP French 4 student Laura Figi is a participant in the video contest, and has decided to create a French spoof of the film Zoolander.

“Really, when you take a foreign language, you need to immerse yourself,” Figi said. “Because the more you immerse yourself, the more easily you’ll understand the language, rather than just idling by.”