PALS show support with Miracle League

Max Bowman, Writer

Nobody likes being left out, and thanks to PALS, children with special needs are given an opportunity to be part of something. Miracle League is a unique event where children, regardless of their disability, are able to play sports and have fun. Events similar to this one deserve more spotlight and press in order to spread awareness and motivate children to give those who struggle a helping hand.

Sports have always been a great bonding tool, to introduce friends and form relationships with your teams. What better way to help than Miracle League? It’s local and easy to volunteer and at the end of the day makes you feel like a better person. Nothing helps motivate you out of bed like knowing that today someone’s going to rely on you and have a blast thanks to the fact that your volunteered your time.

It is the social standard in America to accept people with disabilities for who they are and not give them a hard time. That’s the problem, we have developed a sense of complacency where we think not doing a bad thing is the equivalent of doing a good thing. It’s not enough anymore. More people need to breach their comfort zone and actually meet and talk to these people instead of ignoring them in the halls or averting their eyes. Folks like those in PALS are actually spending their free time showing these people attention. Just by interacting with them, PALS are already doing more than what most adults have done in their lifetime. Miracle League is an opportunity to bridge the gap and give students and adults the ability to help and care for those in need. That needs to be the new social standard in America.

If you have a friend who is complaining about having nothing to do, tell them about Miracle League, they have until Sept. 7 to register and it can be done fast and simple online at . A little help goes a long way and only by committing to a cause can it really make a difference.