Going for Golf

Stephen king, Writer

BoysGolf_MaddieG_Jan1220150111_0045Maddie Guayante photo
Today there are two golf tournaments that the girl’s and boys’ golf teams are playing for Vandegrift in San Antonio and Lakeway.

“I like the tournament, the kids will do well in it,” Coach Wernecke, the golf coach, said.

Both teams played in different locations. The girls’ golf team has its top five golfers playing in the Regional Preview Tournament in San Antonio at the Republic Golf Club.

“The girls are coming off from winning the last time they played,” Wernecke said. “They rank number one in the state right now.”

The boys’ top ten golfers are playing in the Battle of the Lake tournament in Lakeway, sponsored by West Lake Travis.

“The first team has a pretty good chance to win,” said Wernecke. “They’re kind of the favorites to win the tournament. I like the guys’ chances.”

Both tournaments have a total of eighteen teams with the girls playing against five high schools and the boys against six high schools.

“I feel like they have a pretty good chance to win,” Wernecke said.