FCA hosts dodgeball tournament

Stephen King, Writer

If anything is more fun than throwing dodgeballs at an opposing team, it’s doing so at the upcoming Spectrum Dodgeball Tournament on Jan-29 from 6-8 P.M.

“We put on this dodgeball tournament as sort of an outreach,” head of FCA Gray Goolsby said. “It’s for both the Austin Baptist Church and FCA group. I’m in charge of making sure everybody gets signed up and everyone knows when and where and what to bring and all that kind of stuff.”

The number of teams will vary, but teams will have five members each and have to choose their own team color, hence the name “Spectrum” Dodgeball Tournament.

“Kids always like to get all dressed up because we tell them they have to come up with a team name and a team color,” FCA sponsor Coach McClain said. “So it’s a lot of fun.”

The tournament will as well serve pizza. The tournament is offered to other schools, such as Anderson and Cedar Park high schools.

“We don’t really have to do anything as of right now, but when it gets closer to Jan-29, we will start coordinating teams.” Lucas Williams said.

It will be located at the Auxiliary Gym in Building 2, which was rented out for the occasion.

“That’s what we’ve done in the past couple years,” Goolsby said. “It’s worked very well and it’s a great size for us.”

If anyone wants to join the tournament, then teams must pay a $10 entry fee. The money will be used for getting supplies like dodgeballs, cones and also the pizza and drinks.

“The leftover of the money gets split up between us FCA and ABC,” Goolsby said. “It’s kind of a fundraising event.”

Teams also must register with Coach McClain in room 1353. The deadline is on Jan-28.

“I love it,” McClain said. “I think it’s a lot of fun and we’ve been doing it for a couple of years.”