Summer Style 2014

Kelly Honts, Web Editor

With the start of every season comes the arrival of new styles. This summer there are numerous new trends that will keep you looking hip for nearly any occasion. Below are just a couple of my favorite looks this season:

White on White: As you have probably noticed throughout the spring, white on white has shifted from a fashion fopaw to a chic trend. Opposed to a couple years ago when mixing two different whites was considered clashing at its worst, we are now seeing whites of a variety of tones being worn together. I encourage everyone to try out this look because white is a very complimentary color on a majority of people.



Floral Prints: This season, floral prints are trendier than ever and the bigger and bolder the flower the better. Try finding both skirts and dresses in prints similar to those pictured below:



Simple Sundresses: There’s nothing more comfortable than a simple sundress to throw on during the summer. Whether you’re just lying around your house or going to hang out with friends, sundresses are not only effortless, but adorable and easy to dress up. Sundresses are a must have for any summer, especially one spent in the Texas heat.



Block Heals: Block heals are perfect, especially for those of us lacking in the height department, because they add a couple inches without being to fancy for casual events. Block heal sandals go well with both sundresses and summer skirts and are the perfect shoe to wear while going out with friends.



Denim Vests: Denim vests are the perfect way to accessorize a plain outfit. Not only are they trendy, but they are also extremely casual and match nearly everything. Denim vests are a cute and cool way to fulfill your denim fix in the summer.