Teacher Spotlight: Coach Sanders

Sarah Davis, Sports Editor

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Q: A little bit bout Coach Sanders outside of school…

A:  I am married to Janet and have been for 16 years.  We have 3 kids (Matthew incoming 8th grader CRMS, Caleb incoming 6th grader CRMS, Sadie incoming 2nd grader Laura Bush).  We currently have no pets but I get asked every day from my kids for a dog.  I am telling them no currently but eventually I may have to give in. My first hobby is my job, coaching football!   Other hobbies include reading, playing golf, working out, and hanging out with family. I also love going to the movies and typically go to a movie almost every weekend if it’s not football season.

Q:  Coach Sanders wanted to coach football because…

A:  I had great coaches growing up.  My favorite coach was Coach Paul Hurst and his staff at Mexia, TX, where I grew up.  He was amazing and his whole staff was great. Every day they came out to practice in a good mood, ready to work, had fun.  I began to think about becoming a coach when I would watch him daily and it looked like he was having so much fun.  I thought I want a job where I can enjoy it and I’m so glad I became a coach.  It’s the best job in the world for me.  I love being around kids, especially the kids here in our community.  Even when I’m having a bad day, all I have to do is be around kids and it brightens my spirit.

Q: Coach Sanders loves being at Vandegrift because…

A: This school is amazing.  It’s the best school I’ve ever worked at and it’s all due to the kids.  They are respectful, kind, caring and also high achievers.  They always want to try and do what I ask and always give max effort.  I like the emphasis on academics here too.  And the leadership her is excellent with Mr. Little as principal, he’s really good at his job and it flows down from there.

Q: What can players and students can expect from Coach Sanders is…

A: Students should expect a high achieving environment if they are in football. We are fast paced, super organized, and work hard daily.  We rarely take a day off.  We enjoy what we are doing.  We have four characteristics of our program: discipline, effort, toughness and honor.

Q: A fun fact about Coach Sanders is…..

A: I have a really good Sean Connery accent.  And I also can do Arnold Schwazeneger.  I come across as very serious, but love to tell jokes and laugh.

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