Danielle’s Memorial Service

Emma Rose Floyd , Zoe Dowley, Staff Writers

On Sept. 18, Austin Christian Fellowship held a memorial service in honor of sophomore Danielle Salcedo, a former Vandegrift student, who recently passed away Monday due to a brain aneurysm.  She was 15 years old.

More than 200 of friends and family attended the service. First Pastor Ian Rock gave the eulogy followed by a video made by all of her school friends. Next, her best friend Alayna Thomas gave a speech highlighting Danielle’s life and friendship. A member of ACF sung “Halleluiah.”  The family then gave their personal stories about Danielle and what she meant to them. The service concluded with a slideshow of pictures and a prayer led by Pastor Rock.

“The memorial went great. Danielle’s personality was well described through the speeches that were given by her family, Ian rock, and Alayna Thomas. Also the sideshow about her was so adorable. Danielle led such a beautiful life that only those pictures could tell,” sophomore Caroline McCrea said.

Throughout her life, Danielle inspired people who now look back and appreciate all the hard work and effort she gave to the community.

“Danielle is the girl that I will strive to be like every day for the rest of my life. Her legacy is priceless,” sophomore Brady Meyer said.