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Practical Preparation for a Carefree Prom

    It’s the highlight of senior year—the event girls painstakingly prepare for, the last time you might dance with certain people, the final memory of senior year. Prom is right around the corner, and while the point of the night is to have a good time, there are several things you can do to make sure you have the best plan for critical issues that may arise.


    The most important thing—if you are going to bring a date, ask them early. While it is perfectly acceptable to go with a group of friends, you want to ask him or her early so that they can say yes and begin planning. If you are asked to prom, do not say maybe. This reflects horrible manners and does not give the asker enough time to find another date if you say no. However, if you must turn down a date, do so politely and consider their feelings. If you are going to ask someone who attends another school, make sure you have coordinated the dates so that there are no conflicts.

    “If I wanted to reject someone nicely, I’d probably just explain that either I wasn’t going or I already was going with friends. That way, they don’t take it personally,” junior Paige Mason said.

    You should coordinate your outfits if you have already planned something out so you won’t clash. Go together if you feel like it or let your prom date politely know what you would like them to steer clear of. Be polite and don’t push—it is both of your proms.

    There is always the question of no-show dates. If your date has not arrived to your house, don’t panic. First try calling. See if there is a reasonable explanation, and if you get no answer, call your friends. See if you can get a ride from one of them and still go to prom. There will be plenty of other people there and it won’t be the end of the world. Don’t fret about why they didn’t show—there could be plenty of plausible reasons—and enjoy yourself anyway.


    It’s one of the best nights of your life—if you make it one. Act on your best behavior and don’t engage in obnoxious behavior. That won’t be what you want to remember in ten years. Present yourself in a respectable manner—including what you say and even your dress. If you and your date are eating before, practice your table manners, especially if you happen to be somewhat of a slob. Don’t rush the other person, and if you are running later than expected, just give a quick reminder. For guys, treat your date with respect. She probably wants to remember this night for the rest of her life, and if you forget to hold the door open or pull out her chair, you’ll probably sour her memories. Enjoy the cheesy part of prom, including the pictures and the flowers. Be sincere in your actions and if something just isn’t your style be upfront. You don’t need to ever feel obligated to do something you don’t want to—including prom itself.

    “I probably wouldn’t do the whole prom thing this year,” junior Mercades Choice said. “I think it’s just better to wait until senior year.”


    While some people may feel like they can just “wing it” with events, prom requires some sort of planning to get your dress, hair, nails, tux, corsages, and all the other little things in advance. First, set a budget. Of all the things you do this is crucial. Decide on how much you want to spend on clothes, dinner, limousines, etc. For girls, decide on the style of dress you want and matching accessories, hair, and nails. Begin your skin regiments early, and take care of your body before prom.  Avoid greasy and oily foods the week before so that you don’t suffer any facial problems that night.

    Also, plan your timeline. Getting ready, going in the limo and taking pictures all takes time. If you decide to book a limousine with friends, decide who will be in charge of collecting money and how much you will tip. Call the company in advance to figure out timings and who your driver will be. Talk to your date and see if you will be eating out before the big night. Make sure that you and your date communicate, and if you don’t have their number, get it. Girls, your friends will probably be as important as your date. Arrange for spa trips and visits to salons, and buy your dresses together. A friend can help you pick something flattering, while a date may just agree to anything.

    “To prepare, I wanted to get my hair done that day or the day before. I also think it’s important to have your shoes and dress planned out the night before so you can save time, because I take forever getting ready,” junior Jasmine Blackman said.

    Overall, prom is an exciting night that can be memorable in the future, or something that was just average. To push your night from ordinary to unforgettable, take care to mind your manners, plan in advance, and most of all relax and have fun.

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