‘Descendants the Musical’ doesn’t disappoint


Valeria Amaya

Striking their final pose, the cast closes the performance with their final act.

Rylie Lockerman, Editor

The theater department performed their first play of the year: “Descendants the Musical,” on Nov. 3-5.” The stage production consisted of a combination of all three Disney “Descendants” movies gathered into a ninety-minute musical.

“Descendants” is a popular tale of four villains sent to the village of Auradon to fulfill the dreams of their infamous parents, namely Maleficent. On this mission, Mal, Evie, Carlos and Jay must retrieve the fairy godmother’s wand reigning unlimited power. Despite their determination, roadblocks, struggle for power and unexpected love and friendship distract them from their mission.

On Nov. 4, I attended the sold out, second performance. Upon walking into the auditorium, I was greeted with spooky decorations covering the ceilings, complementing the production’s eerie, magical feeling. The lights began to dim and the stage lit up, queuing the performance to begin.

I was hooked by the first half. The performance perfectly portrayed each character, proving to have a tremendously talented cast and crew. Their lively choreography and perfect, comedic timing successfully intrigued me.

As a way to incorporate the audience in the performance, the cast included an interactive segment in act two. While quick changes took place backstage, the actress playing Snow White visited the children sitting in the first row to interview them as if they were in the Auradon Cathedral themselves. Their clever and adorable answers were a great addition to keep the audience entertained.

I deeply appreciated the Disney element they chose to maintain in the performance. This fantastic performance brought out the child in myself, reminding me of the original Descendants I fell in love with years ago. The department’s performance of “Descendants” did not disappoint and proved to be a strong start to further productions.