New season, new songs

Students share excitement over new music from their favorite artists


Natalie Weber, Staff Reporter

With summer coming up, many artists have been releasing new albums or have shared with their fans that a new album is on the way. 

Many students constantly update their social media pages with what they are “currently listening to,” and these music tastes are often unique to that specific person. Using platforms like Spotify and Apple Music are extremely popular and allow for people to create new playlists with their favorite artists and music. The new feature of making playlists visible to others has also grown popular and has introduced a lot of people to different genres of music that they wouldn’t usually listen to. The genres that students are listening to range from indie pop to grunge and cover old and newer artists. 

Junior Jasmine Shinsel loves listening to music that holds a good vibe and has relatable lyrics. Some of her top artists include Rex Orange County and Harry Styles. Shinsel likes indie pop and chill pop the most and enjoys finding artists that fit a similar genre. 

“Recently I’ve spent a lot of time listening to Rex Orange County’s new album ‘Who cares?’” Shinsel said. “I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the album. Rex really has a way with words, and a wonderful vibe overall that not a lot of artists have. This new music is special to me because I feel I’m at a place where I can relate more with the words, rather than before when I would listen along because the song was catchy.” 

In addition to Rex Orange County, Shinsel is anticipating the release of Harry Styles’s new album on May 20. Shinsel has been a big fan of Harry ever since he was in One Direction and followed him through albums like “Harry Styles” and “Fine Line.” 

“I’m looking forward to the Harry Styles album, ‘Harry’s Home,’” Shinsel said. “I love his past albums and am so excited to hear how his voice and lyrics have matured over time. You could tell even in his new single from the album ‘As It Was’ that his lyrics are deeper and that his voice is a little different now.” 

Sophomore Gabby Fowler enjoys listening to music whenever she is driving and before her swim meets. Some of her top artists are The Lumineers, Mount Joy and Flipturn. She enjoys listening to indie music but also loves pop and rap as well. 

It’s not super new, but recently I’ve been listening to The Lumineers album that came out in January, ‘Brightside,’” Fowler said. “I also started listening to ‘Playground’ by Flipturn, which came out maybe a week ago and I just love it. My favorite band, Mt. Joy announced an album coming out in June, so I’m so excited for that.” 

A lot of students, including Fowler, have enjoyed the new work that artists have been releasing and have noticed how music has changed ever since the pandemic. Many artists had a lot of time to delve into creative projects during lockdowns and in turn, their fans now have more to listen to. 

“I love all the new music coming out,” Fowler said. “I feel like artists are definitely trying to make their music super upbeat and are including a lot of positive messages in their music. It’s really refreshing to listen to good music.”

Junior Yness Martinez enjoys listening to music while working out and when she drives to school. Her favorite artists include Taylor Swift and Keshi, but she listens to a lot of different music genres from indie rock to alternative music. 

“I’m highly anticipating Keshi’s new album tour of ‘Hell/Heaven!!’,” Martinez said. “It’s his first new album in almost two years, and his audience has grown so much over COVID, and I’m so excited to see him live this summer. I have been obsessed with his release of the single ‘2 soon’ for so long, and another one ‘beside you’ last year.” 

Students often use music to express themselves in a way that is different from any other medium. Most believe that it can connect people to each other, and to their favorite artists. . But regardless of how they view music, students believe that music will always be part of people’s lives. 

“Music is a great outlet for me and I am so excited to hear new music from some of my favorite artists,” Martinez said.